When I built my darkroom, I put in a paper drying cabinet that basically amounts to a slot for a 28" box fan (cheap at any Walmart type of place) that is mounted to allow the air to be directed at a shelf about 8 inches below that has a window screen on which to lay the just-coated paper. I put a blackout fabric curtain in place of a door, and it gives me a nice light-tight drying cabinet. My darkroom humidity varies between 45 to 60% normally, and I find that most papers dry within 10 minutes. I don't have to worry about blowing nasty stuff around the darkoom, and it allows me to coat another sheet while the first one is drying.

As an aside, the test for whether a sheet of paper is dried or not is to touch the inside of your wrist against the uncoated side of the paper. If it feels cooler to the touch than ambient temperature, it needs to dry a bit longer. Anyone familiar with testing the temperature of baby bottles will realize why this works so well.