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I'm trying to speed up my supply of chemicals, and although Bostick and Sullivan are nice folks, they are just too far away for convenience. I had to buy a Pt solution, and I found that I can get it from Lotus, but they only have ammonium version of salt instead of Potassium.

I'm working with Zia printing, and I'm substituting some of Pd with Pt for better shadow separation and I would like to know if Ammonium Chloroplatinate can be used instead of Potassium Chloroplatinate?

Thank you
Though I've never used it my guess is that it will work, okay. I'm not sure that the addition of platinum or substitution of platinum will give better shadow seperation. Check out Mike Ware's site for some additional information about ammonium salts. As far as B&S go they are good vendors and I've never had a problem with them.

Don Bryant