See, you pushed a delicate button. Ikontas are being collected very intensively recently, and that raised the price of Tessar units (explicitly those on Synchro Compur) to the stars. There's nothing bad in the collecting thing itself of course, but for some reason I hate with all heart seeing these cameras go into some rich businessman's shrine rather than in some young unemployed photographer's hands.

That said, Novar Aanstigmat units are much less sought after, and they are an extremely valid and cheap alternative for beginners. P. Cancarini Ghisetti and D. Cecchi in their book "Fotocamere ed obiettivi Zeiss" supposedly attribute their production to Schneider-Kreuznach under license, which speaks for itself about quality. Which I can personally confirm, and I'm very sorry if you had such bad luck to meet only bad units on your road. If you bought six and none was good, man, you should really try some wodoo.

The Holga is a cute little camera with a lot of legacy, and of course the expected performance of lenses dated 60 years can't be the same of current optics. But don't you think that stating that a Novar Anstigmat Super Ikonta shares the same quality of a Holga may put a beginner who wants to keep it cheap and asking for advice on a wrong track?