Since Iíve been clattering in and out of this site over the last week I thought it high time that I introduced myself. Like one or two others here Iím currently without a darkroom following a house move. However I hope to have one built during 2004, to provide some light relief from this keyboard thing. Having said that I must emphasise that I am not anti- DI, was once, but not anymore, I just except it. However I donít want to continue accepting the sub-standard monochrome prints that is all that I can wring out of my inkjet printer, pigment inks and all. Sorry about that whinge, not supposed to write about DI here are we, Oh dear! My main preoccupation at the moment is acting as webmaster (is that DI?) for the East Midlands Monochrome Group some of whose members, and supporters produce excellent pictures the proper way. Check out or site at and if you live within walking distance of Northamptonshire, drop in and see me. Here endith the commercial. When I do get out snapping itís with a Speed Graphic 5 x 4 that I have the most fun, and frustration.