If you are looking to produce grain have you thought of trying Delta 3200 developed in Rodinal. The film can be pushed, I've taken it to 25,000 ISO, you may remember the image "New York Kiss" I posted a few months ago, the grain is sharp and depending on the speed used can vary in size. I find that rating it at 6400 developed in Rodinal 1 to 25 for 10 minutes gives me good negatives.

You may also wish to try Tri X developed in very dilute Rodinal say 1 to 200 or even 1 to 300 for something like 4 or 5 hours to increase the grain.
Rate the film at 1600 ISO and agitate for the first 5 minutes and leave the tank standing in a tray of water to hold the temperature at 20 degrees c. You will get excellent grain but you need to have a little contrast in the subject you shoot. I guess that you will be shooting portraits and will have some control over the lighting so that will not be a problem for you.