I'm still sorting through the list and getting the portfolio ready for the next round, and I'm hoping to send it on its way in about a week or two. Sorry it's taking so long, but the day job has had to take precedence lately.

For those in the New York area who would like to take a look at the portfolio, I'd like to have a gathering at my place Sunday, Feb 19, 2006. We can also look through my collection of APUG postcards and prints from the exchanges, and if anyone else wants to bring some prints to pass around or prints that they've gotten through the APUG exchanges, that would be cool too. Art Liem and I have tossed around the idea of trying out some big Polaroid transfers, so if Art can make it, maybe we can do that too.

If you're interested, PM me, and I'll give you directions. I live uptown in Manhattan near Columbia University.