Okay yeah you are right on the newbe looking at my join date. But look at the posts, all of which are recent so yeah I joined and never posted/lurked.

The Holga, bit in recollection was a bit strong, you will get a useable image just a little different to what most might expect, non coated lenses, etc. What was meant is these lenses do have a character i.e. the colour and contrast similar to the Holga, scan06 was on a Holga. The inkfet image on my site was taken with a Zeiss 6x9 with Novar lens. Scan03 was with a Tessar, gives you an idea of differences.

I chose an Ikonta because I wanted to get back into MF and they folded to a compact size. The 534/16 is a beutiful piece of kit and it is loosening up the more I use it. But they are old camera's and they are collectables so you will pay top price for a good working example. If you got time though buy a well used tatty looking one and get it cleaned up, then you will have a camera for life.