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I know many people really do appreciate your work and postings here. I love to hear about your progress.

But please understand that many folks simply can't afford the time for a workshop. I wish I could, and yours would be the first! I would love to do my own emulsions. Time is harder to come by than money...

Also understand that most people do not post at all. And many don't post in some forums unless they really feel compelled. Every time I post on APUG I get nothing but negativity, rants and arguements. Why bother? The art of discussion is long gone, especially if you have a differing opinion from the ruling class...

Please continue your work and keep us posted. People may not respond on-line, but they are reading and interested!

You are always welcome to stop by for a demo!

Bring a negative and you are welcome to coat your own paper and make your own print!