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Nothing at all "wrong" with the Bronicas. They were close seconds in my decision to go with Hasselblad.
As I've written before, the two factors that tipped the scales FOR ME, was the Hasselblad dedication to long-term interchangeability of components and the fact that the `Blads did NOT need batteries.
Those were important factors in my mind. Your mileage may vary.
I can't speak to the other Bronica models but my ETRS will default to a preset shutter speed if the battery fails. To be honest I would need to refer to the manual to determine what that speed is. I have never had a battery failure occur in the middle of a session and so I have never had to rely on that knowledge. My mind is to darned cluttered with insignificant garbage as it is.

The Bronica does have the consideration of lenses dedicated to a format.