The boomtown of Tonopah was born in 1900,
when Jim Butler accidentally discovered rich
silver ore while chasing a wayward burro.
Butler's discovery eventually produced more
than $150 million in ore and spawned Nevada's
last great mining rush.

Today, Tonopah and adjacent parts of central Nevada represent the
final chapter in the settlement of the American
west. Located at an elevation of 6020 feet amidst
the hilly terrain of the San Antonio mountains,
Tonopah straddles modern US Hwy 95, and
serves as a pleasant stopover for travelers
halfway between Las Vegas and Reno.

Tonopah is blessed with near ideal air quality
characterized by clear skies and gentle winds.
The past and present exist side by side in this
turn-of-the-century Nevada mining town, and
Tonopah is one of the best places in the state
for you to get a feel for Nevada's colorful history.

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