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I think you're deeply confused -- possibly dangerously so, Kerik.
Donald, thanks for your 'concern', but I'm not confused. You are simply ignorant of my working practices. Maybe you could have asked before you started talking out of your behind.

I'm aware of all the hazards of working with HCN that you describe. In my day job, I've been trained in the use of PPE for handling hazardous materials. When I'm working mobile (out of my camper darkroom), I fix outside. In my home darkroom I fix in front of a 400 CFM exhaust fan and wear a respirator. The 200 ml of 1.5% HCN solution is in the tray for a total of 20 seconds, then it's back in the plastic storage bottle. And, I know full well that the plate has to be completely rinsed of the acidic developer prior to fixing. hmm-K?