Sean, I can second the contact print frame from Photographers Formulary...bought an 8x10 earlier this year, works well for me - do not have anything to compare it to.

For spot meter, I use a Polaris 2, with a 10 degree spot attachment, they have a new one with built in 5 degree. Nice meter, does all I ask of it.

For filters, check out this site for the Camera People - - they visit many of the local camera shows, seem to be good folks to work with.

Dry Mount Press, I picked up a Seal 160, not current 160M, on ebay and have been very happy with it. Shipping can be a little high so watch this, some of the ebay sellers make most of their money on s/h charges. The pad can be replaced, and the platen is pretty easy to clean. I can mount 11x14 on 16x20 board without much trouble at all. Search all of ebay for these, some show up in other area (not photo) because they are used for T-shirts, etc.

Good luck