So if you want to be part of the blind print exchange - round 4, sign up here.

This time, also post if you are going to the APUG Conference. If you are, I will try to set you up to exchnage prints with others who are also going. This way, you can exchange the print in person at the APUG Conference.

If you're not, no worries, sign up and I'll take care of that too.

For those that don't know what the Blind Exchange is, here's a brief explanation:
People sign up - particpants. Organizer (me) arranges so that every particpant sends one print to another particpant. It's 'blind' because the particpants do not know who will be sending them a print. One day a print just shows up! Like having a Secret Santa.
Again as in the previous round for every particpant in this round, I will donate another $1 to the American Red Cross for Katrina Relief.

I hate to belabour this point, but if you haven't honoured your committments in any other exchange, please don't sign up here. The 'deadbeat' rate has increased from 7% to 20% in the last exchange rounds which disappoints me.

  • Sign up period is now until March 15.
  • I will PM you who to send your print to on or about March 16.
  • Deadline to send your print will be May 31. <--Plenty of time to make and send ONE print.
In fact, as you sign up, just make the print, ready to mail, so you won't be tardy!

Regards, Art.