The other day I thought to go for a walk. I took a camera.

Here's the picture (attached below).

Exactly what I felt the picture wanted to be. Leica + 35/1.4, resting on a sturdy branch, TMY, 1/4 @ f/1.4.

Oh, after walking 5 miles, and 4 left to get home to make dinner. The picture is just a souvenir from a nice, cold January day. Made the exposure 15 minutes after sunset, 15 minutes prior to the end of civil twilight.

The 25 mm aperture of the Summilux at f/1.4 would equate to a f/2 on the lovely Distagon on a Hassie. Well, it's an f/4 lens, which is fine. A little more depth of field wouldn't hurt, although it isn't much of an issue. Throw in a roll of TMY and shoot at f/4. Lessee ( counting on my fingers ) expose for 2 seconds. I think TMY is secure from reciprocity failure, so it won't have to be longer. I wonder if I could have held the camera securely, braced against a branch, or whether with mirror lockup, I could have framed it as well. Well there are are ways.

No, actually I don't think ANYBODY could have made the picture on a Hasselblad. But the print from the Leica is perfectly satisfying.

Now, this thread is about "Alien the Appugger" who just got a nifty camera and was happy about it.

The website is about film photography, and ( at a subtextual level ) encouraging photographers to make pictures with film. It is NOT, and please correct me if I am wrong, a venue for bashing, hating, and mindless orthodoxy.

Yeah, and physics be damned...

its just unfair that the laws of that discipline still apply to you - I would have thought a round, red badge would repel them like holy water does vampire

Alien, don't let these guys get you don't down.