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Do you think it was the pH adjustments or the change in fixer that resolved your problem?...

I think it was the pH adjustment that caused the improvement. The plates appear warmer than before and that might be a result of the fixer change, but I'm not sure as the silver tank and developer also were changed at the same time.

I think the oyster problem is obviously related to the cleanliness of the plate but I also think using whiting gets some of it into the silver bath and raises the pH of that solution. I can never seem to get all the whiting off the edges of the plate and if I mess with it enough to do so, I usually end up touching the clean surface of the plate which means I have to reclean it with whiting which sticks in the edges of the glass and gets into the silver bath...

So, I'm hoping a diffent cleaning routine along with the pH changes will alleviate most of the problems I've been having with the plates. The Rapid Fixer is just more convenient and quicker, but if it is also warmer, that would be a welcome benefit.

The best plates I ever produced were done dripping nitric acid and potassium nitrate into the developer so I think the lower pH really does help produce more fog- or veil-free plates.

Plese refresh my memory as to how you alleviated the fog problem you had.