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I, too am planning to import film soon. Because of the Australian customs rules and the dreaded GST impost, I am going to limit myself to 3x boxes of 50 sheets color neg. Unfortunately those customs rules and GST probably negate any adavantage of scale we might get if we were to group together.
The customs rules changed late last year to align the courier and postal formal entry limit to $1000 (previously $250 and $1000 respectively). This means you should not require formal entry clearance and hence incur subsequent charges if you are under that value (there are a few exceptions but photographic film isn't one of them). As far as I can ascertain this is also the GST limit whereas it was previously $500. I recently had a lens shipped via EMS mail from the US which totalled around AU$900 and it was allowed through without any charges. One catch with the new system is that multiple packages from the same supplier arriving into Australia at similar times will be combined. Exactly what the time frame for 'similar times' is I haven't yet determined - and is something I'm trying to avoid. The bad news of course is that X-Ray use has increased. Also FWIW the lens I recently ordered from Badger Graphic was shipped Global Express Mail at cost for US$14 whereas the website quoted ~US$60 so it would appear they adjust the shipping charge after the shipping cost is known - I can recommend them.