Hi all, just discovered this forum and it will be great to get away from all the film v. digital wars everywhere else I go.

Mike A. 's post really hit a nerve. On Xmas Eve 2004 my family and I drove up to Millennium Park to photograph the *bean* sculpture as it was the first time it was completely revealed to the public. The sculpture was not finished but da mayr decided to give Chicagoans a two week peek over the Holidays... but I digress.

The sun was just setting as I setup my tripod... it's -15 f and my daughter and I are virtually the only people in the park. Just as I set up and am ready to snap a few frames I am abruptly stopped by two Cook County Sherifs (no idea why THEY were in the park). They tell me I cannot photograph with a tripod because I must be a pro... HA.. They tell me I must aquire a permit from da mayrs office on Monday at a cost of $60... the entire time they are talking to me I am taking readings with my spot meter trying to ignore them. I screw in the cable release and set the camera then snap a picture... at that point they sternly say "we cannot let you do that". I turned red at that moment but thought better about making any kind of a scene with my young daughter standing next to me... freezing.

Oh well, the park nazis indeed.