First... I've gone over all the existing Forum "Slots" here, trying to decide where to post this... I've finally had to stop somewhere - so this it it.

I've been "evaluating" the work in the APUG Galleries - not really on purpose, but that is sort of a conditioned reflex.

If I were to receive the "usual" invitation to visit the Opening of a New Photography Show in a "Fancy" New York City Gallery, and discovered the work that is in the APUG Galleries on the walls, I would consider ALL of it to be appropriate, and certainly *nothing* would seem to be "inferior" or out of place. Certainly, the works of each of us there are distinctive (thank God for that!), and from experience, the "chemical" prints would be of markedly higher technical quality.
The "Visions" exhibited here are second to none. Yeh, yeh, "In My Humble Opinion" ... but I'll be hardheaded about defending this opinion.

What a *wonderful* book this all would make!!!

Now ... A real problem... We are constantly joined by photographers who submit exceptional work ... the kind of photographs that "reach my innards"... and I have pretty much run out of fuel (maybe I should try butane?) as far as commenting about them. I find myself really stretching for something "new" and "fresh" to say about them.

Cases in point ... the new participant, "Dina Marie" - to me, nearly on the same "level" as Cheryl Jacobs -- that is to say, about a twelve, on a scale of 1 - 10... - no, strike that -- Let "`WAY up there" suffice. Certainly their work is not the same ... but BOTH produce work that is so beautiful that it almost *hurts* to look at it.

We have "Melinda" -- right "up" there ... and - Where would I start? --- SyviaHB, SamS, Keith, pierre, crazyvision. mike pry .... so many more ...

What superlatives can I use now without sounding like a repetitive doofus?
- And yet they all deserve those superlatives.

Before anyone suggests it - NO, I will NOT support any sort of "numerical" ranking. Make that !!! In my opinion, that could only lead to "This one is better than that one"... and that is just idiotic.
What "number" could be assigned to any single example of Renoir's paintings, and how could anyone compare that ONE work with ANY of Picasso's works?. Simply change and substitute photographers at random, and the idea remains the same.

All I can do is hang on ... visit the Galleries, as I do, every time I log on -- and marvel (at times - silently) at the extraordinary levels and amount of talent we have on board here!!