I'll be making my first visit to Iceland in late August, and in planning my route I was wondering if one of the people who live there or know the country well could help me with an issue of viability. I'll have a 4x4 vehicle- something like a Rav4 I imagine. I'll also have good maps. The problem is that without any experience I have absolutely no idea how fast (or slow) I'll be able to drive on Icelandic gravel roads.

Is it viable to plan on driving from Fludir (sp?-south of Gulfoss anyway) via Landmannalaugar and then via the F208 and Ring Road to Vik in a day comfortably? I know there are easier ways to do the journey, but my objective is the most photogenic way, not the fastest. I know the route I've described is about 230km- but as I say I've no idea what this means on Iceland's roads.

I have other dilemmas, but frankly if what I'm describing here works then I think the others are shorter or look easier.

Thank you.