By extension one must wonder about reporting the news at all. When a postal worker "goes postal" everyone doubtless associates that kind of madness with the postal service (sorry Murray, not you of course!). Would it become actionable for a story that includes a line like: "Today, Widget Corporation Vice President, Stanley Buttstinky was discovered commiting a lewd act in public for which he has been arrested."? Part of the impact of the story is the fact that poor Stanley wasn't some marginal hourly worker at a fast food place (although that would also be reported), but a person with a job that suggests he was a 'solid citizen' and not as likely to be doing what he was doing....or at least that's the conceit that the notion of being a solid citizen implys. I can see both sides of this arguement, but it certainly leaves one "chilled" about factual reportage that might include any facts not immediately pertinent to the story....which would parobably make Joe Friday (the facts...just the facts) the ultimate journalist.