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D'oh!!!! Thanks for pointing out my error. I now see that I made a typo in my first post, then it got perpetuated. I use POTASSIUM cyanide (KCN), NOT hydrogen cyanide (HCN). I should have spelled it out rather than fat-fingering the abbreviation. So, Donald, perhaps that's what you meant by being confused. I'm not confused, but I am a crappy typist.

In any case, I suppose I should emphasize that no-one should delve into processes like wet plate, daguerrotype or anything involving dichromates without understanding the hazards and proper handling of these materials. I apologize for any confusion I may have induced.
Okay, you're using potassium cyanide -- hazardous, but not unmanageable. If you'd read all of my post, you'd have seen me spelling it out a couple times, in a manner that should have made it clear which one I was referring to in which context.

Bad typing is less hazardous *to you* than chemical confusion, but could be just as bad to someone coming in late, as it were (though I agree that anyone starting to learn wet plate had better have their act together -- collodion, ether, and cyanide are all pretty hazardous to work in a closed room; darkrooms used to burn down pretty regularly when wet plate was *it* and safelights had a candle inside).

And in between then and now, I've been corresponding on a mailing list with a guy who thinks it'll be perfectly okay to machine the cylinder of his black powder revolver to take modern smokeless cartridges. Please pardon my reaction -- I'd rather jump on someone who's doing it right than read a headline about someone I didn't jump on...