I look at the galleries as icing on the cake for our members. Some of us, not me, have good scanners and know how to use them. This results in not bad uploads. But for the most part I think many of us don't bother to upload our better images because we just can't bear to see them multilated by the digital world of crappy scanners and reduced resolution.

I post the odd "working image" to show what path I may be following at any given time, but it in no way represents what I consider my best work. It's more a photo travel log. I work very hard on my wet prints to tease out all the nuances etc.. I'm not going to post a fine art image of mine for all to see that as far as I'm concerned sucks due to the above mentioned limitations. Hence the images I do post.

I love the unconditional acceptance attitude of this site and I think it would be lost if we started to "rate" each others work. I also think we would loose the free exchange of thought and knowledge we currently share as well.

I understand where you are coming from though. Sometimes it's just sufficient to say "nice work" or such. Personally I don't need to find lots of "wow's" etc. posted under my pics to make me feel better or to feel I have "made it". Conversely sometimes I wouldn't mind someone telling me my photo lacks something or could I consider this or that. Or just asking what the heck I'm trying to say. That I would find useful.

We have had that discussion between the two of us on several pictures and I have really enjoyed the exchange.

That's my Canuckdian 2 cents worth.