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I can add though that in-line with my previous post today on another thread,... Well, if you are all so interested in preserveing conventional photography and fear its demise, why are you not doing more to learn how to preserve it?

When it vanishes, it will be gone! I assure you of that fact.

"If the question begins with the word 'why', the answer is money" -- Robert A. Heinlein (in the voice of Lazarus Long).

If your workshop were being held locally to me, I still wouldn't be able to afford to attend. I'd love to learn all there is to know about emulsion making, but if the cost of admission is more than I can pay, I'll have to remain ignorant, and either reinvent the stuff for myself when the time comes or learn it the way people learn wet plate now -- they aren't going to stop making glass any time soon, and if I can coat glass, I can do what I need.

Meantime, I do the only thing I can do -- use and buy film and paper from the companies that appear committed to trying to keep the process alive on an industrial scale.