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I put my HID lamp in the darkroom. If after exposure (Kallitypes) I develop with the lamp on can I expect some fogging? I ask because Sandy's article recommends leaving the HID on for the entire session. But I believe for developing Kallitypes the development should start in the dark or low light. The 1000W HID is a lot of light!
If it turns out that turning off the lamp is too impractical the you should make a ventilated enclosure for the lamp that has a door to be opened and closed as a shutter. Olec makes high energy lamps that operate in a similar manner, so the idea is not too original. Just be sure the materials used can handle the heat. If the lamp has a significant UV output yellow safety glasses are in order to prevent the risk of damage to your eyes from extended exposure. Plateburners I've seen that are not fliptop use curtains that pull shut during the exposure to protect the operator.