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One reason for asking is that I want to do this as part of a business, and I may need to make a case to our local town officials on disposal, safety, etc.
Neil - to do this as a business, you will need to get trained to handle hazardous wastes. Look into "Hazwoper" training. I know that the people I work with that are trained for handling haz waste take this training. It's a 40 hour class last I heard, with yearly updates. Not cheap.

I don't mean to talk you out of this idea, but there is a lot to think about - training and certifications, liability insurance...

While oxalate is on hazardous materials lists, I don't think I've seen oxalate on any EPA lists for regulated substances for wastewater (but it may be).

Also - for the full face mask - make sure you have training on how to adjust the straps and how to know if the mask is working. They are not worth much protection if they do not fit right or are improperly adjusted.

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