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Just as corporations CAN control access and use of their images on private property, the cannot do the same on public property UNLESS they can show that the intent was malicious, intentional and overt. Please note that the burden of proof of malicious behavior resides with the Corporation when images are made in a public area. LOL
Only if you assume that the corporation's goal is to win the suit.

It's more realistic to assume their goal is merely to not get the suit thrown out of court, and thus ruin your life with extended litigation they can afford and you can't, and intimidate anyone else considering similar actions. They merely have to prove it's vaguely possible they're right to not get thrown out.

Worse, new statute means no case law pertaining to the new statute. A meritless suit that might've gotten tossed quickly in the past may now legitimately make it to trial and several appeals, since all the potential screwball interpretations of the new law have yet to be definitively shot down.