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As I did; note the word "censorship" the the above quote.
Please re-read what I wrote, and specifically the part that reads "I'd be reluctant to require such actions.".
I saw it. You also said, "relucatant"; a nuance that implies it might be acceptable to impose under certain circumstances. I do not agree at all with that sentiment.

I also asked that you not take it personal; debate can occur without offense.

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IANAL, but my understanding is that this is already the case. Corporations do enjoy free-speech rights and most other rights granted to individuals and they are taxed, although the details of how they're taxed are different than they are for individuals. They're also held responsible for their actions, although of course you can't lock a corporation in jail, so punishment for law-breaking is mostly in the form of fines.
I am unaware of Supreme Court decisions upholding the free-speech rights of a corporation, but would like the references to read-up on if true.

IMHO, If it is true, it certainly needs to be overturned. I've never seen a factory or a packing plant vote, particpate in civic events or canvas for a political candidate, but I HAVE seen people who work for that corporation do it.