Yes, a book has been mentioned both to me and by me here on APUG. Thanks again for suggesting it. I will not forget.

However, to even get the book ready, I'm working a full schedule of up to 8 hours per day several days / week making, coating and testing emulsions. I was asked to do the workshops first and then later this year I'll get to the book.

One sure thing is that giving a workshop is easier than writing a book. I can assure you of that. I watched while Grant Haist wrote his 2 volume text and I have a friend who writes SF novels. Both liken it to the hardest work in the world and I can believe it just trying myself to write up the 30 or so pages of formulas and instructions for the workshop.

While I'm on APUG here, I have up to 3 or 4 documents open in Word and Photoshop open with several scanned pictures including those I post here and those to be used in the workshops. Of course, at the workshops, the students will get to handle the originals themselves, while in the book I can only offer the scanned photographs.

That work is just about done, and I'm starting to 'build' the 'kit' for the workshops. I have loose ends to clean up with the film as noted above, and I have to do more work with baryta paper which has been slow coming but will be here soon.