Hi Everyone, This is a spin-off from another posting where renewed interest in meeting with fellow APUGers in the Colorado-Denver-Front Range region has been expressed. I would like to solicit some input from persons who would like to meet casually somewhere in the metro Denver area between now and this Spring. If you would be interested in meeting with this group please respond to this thread with your location, preference (if any) for where you would like to see the meeting take place, and days of the week which would be feasible with your schedule. I will then compile the data to see what would meet most responders' criteria. I would love to see a get together before Spring in case we decide to try to put together a photo trip.

My info:
Ed Sandifer
Anyplace is good with me to meet.
Tuesday to Friday after 7pm, Saturdays after 6 or all day Sunday or Mondays are good times.

Thanks, Everyone, and lets see if we can pull something together!