Been working too much and did not see this thread start. Ran into John Moore at Boise Photography & Darkroom on the way home tonite and he pointed it out to me. Yes, Tom Cooper, has the best full service photo shop!

I live in Boise and an APUG local sounds great. Jay DeFehr and I are working to get small "studio" setup for using at the very least during the cold and rainy days. Have continuous studio lighting. Also with Jay's skilled help, we are in the process of setting up a darkroom with a 4x5 enlarger, CPA2 (Jay, I just picked up the 3005 and 3010 Jobo tanks so doing the 4x5 thru 8x10 will be easier, they should arrive next week) and possibly more.

BTW, finally after almost 30 years, I developed 8 4x5 negatives. The first 4 were just trial ballons developed in D76 w/ a Combi Tank. The most recent 4 look nice. I will try to scan or perhaps Jay will help me w/ printing some AZO contacts.