I know this has been asked in the past and I read all of the other post about it. But my question is of a different sort. I need to know where I can get the chemicals, but I can't order them over the internet. (I can't really afford a 25 dollar hazardous fee for every chemical I order) Do you know possibly where I could find the chemicals in a store location.
I've done some research and I know that Beauty salons use 40(or 20 or 30) vol hydrogen peroxide to bleach hair.
I know that copper chloride is used to treat lumber and some potters use it during glazes etc.
I found out that glacial acidic acid will probably be the most difficult to locate as you can seperate synth acetic anhydride which is a watched chemical.
I've asked the chemistry department at my school and all the art teachers they all stated they couldn't help me for various different reasons.
So any ideas you have would be of assistance.