I was in Zion In January, just not at the gathering. You in your EMAIL to me last April Made that very clear what you thought of me and all the money and help I poured out for your last years Zion workshop.

As to Claire, I doubt I would have learned what I wanted to learn about color in a one night lecture, which may not have been any longer than any of the other night time lectures that have been during your gatherings. As to the secret special spots, I could match them 10 to 1. You missed the big ice flows that were within 40 miles of your location. The massive walls of ice that flow down a mountainside and the locals add bits of colored water as they grow. They are colorful and texture rich. Then there are all the waterfalls of the virgin and other rivers that are in and around Hurricane. Shall we talk about an area that has bristlecone pine? How about one of the newest park areas, RED ROCK? Then there are the Dixie Narrows. All of these places less than 40 miles from Zion, and many of them with spectacular views right from the side of a maintained dirt road. Now if you want to get off the road and do some hiking now that I can hike any man into the ground and have energy to spare, There is a lot more. Then there are the three other ghost towns besides Grafton. There is a small community that has not changed since pioneer times, and is still inhabited. BUT AS YOU SAID IN YOUR EMAIL! I know nothing.

The assumption I am not a photographer I must ask you personally why? I did after all ask you for help on the how to's many times at your supposed workshops. Where did you fail in your teaching? Or was it the lack of teaching that has left me bereft of being a photographer? I guess I can throw out the plaques I have won in three seperate competitions, and tell the people I have sold photos to that it is all nothing, since Per says I'm not a photographer.

Now if you get back to what this thread was about was whether the workshops should be free. I interjected they were not true workshops but gatherings where LF photographers get together and share. Yeah they are fun. Do you learn a lot? Not really. Do you see things that might inspire you? Sometimes, depending on who shows up. Are they any better than any other regional group that gets together? No! Should you be singled out over the other regional gatherings for sponsorship? No unless you did something more to earn the designation of a workshop. There are many very good and talented people all over who have organized and conducted similar gatherings as you have Per. They all deserve just as much gratitude and respect. Papagene in the east, Lee in Texas, I can't think of the guy in Michigan but he does well. Look what they do in England. The list goes on. None of them misuse the term WORKSHOP They share what they know when they get together and if someone knows something more than the others, they share.