You did make a large effort in making the first Zion Workshop (not regional gathering) a successful event. You did do a lot of research and offered a lot of information. And you were a great help in making many people want to return for the recent workshop this January in Zion.

For that I am greatful as it is my hope that through my free workshops I will help further the excitement and understanding of film based photography. I am glad to share the knowledge and experience I have gathered through more than 35 years of doing professional photography, working for some of the largest corporations in America and in Europe! To date more than 15 of my free workshops have taken place throughout the West. With more than 270 people in all attending. In addition I get constant email from people on the East Coast and in Europe who want me to arrange workshops there as well...

These free workshops are costly for me - not only in terms of expenses but also in terms of time. I am not wealthy by any means but do love creative photography immensely - And want to share my experience with as many people as possible. Therefore I conduct these workshops for free!


You are entitled to your understanding of what the word "Workshop" means as I am entitled to mine.

I have only been to Zion a few times and still hope for the day when I will be there during weather that in my opinion fits its timeless and violent past.

Oh, and by the way several people did shoot great images of ice this January.