I want to echo what others have said about Per’s workshops with respect to their scope, purpose and affect on the greater community of photography. I’m not a young dude (though I play one TV ;-}) nor am I new to photography, and yet I feel as though Per and the other photographers who participate in his workshops are providing an apprenticeship-type education to me in large format photography. Were it not for Per’s enthusiasm, generosity and willingness to invest himself in the community of photographers who frequent his workshops, some of us may have moved on, or moved over to -- eeek! d*g*tal capture -- out of sheer frustration. Heck, he’s even got me gearing up to soup my own negs, and that just wouldn’t have happened without his frequent, workshop-grounded support.

So, to answer the question, does Per offer a “service” of inherent value to others that could warrant a fee? Damn straight he does. The difference for me is that his service and all the benefits they accrue go back to “the community” at large rather than into his own pocket.

Thanks, Per. You go, boy!!