Just a quick update, due to work, time spent since my last posting, 15 mins. Ground my glass this morning, only thing I could find was valve grinding paste (way too coarse, though if you add a little water and keep grinding, it gets finer.) got a respectable glass, then went to cut it and it cracked down the middle, 15mins shot to hell, this time I'm cutting it first. Zero progress on bellows, though a quick note on the material I'm using. I have some ripstop here, and I own a sign shop and have tons of 2mil vinyl, notably matte black. Now self adhesive vinyl won't stick to nylon, however if you lightly coat it with pliobond (or any other adhesive, I'd imagine), let it dry, then it sticks like there's no tomorrow, and the entire cover/vinyl sandwich is about 6-10 thou thick, ideal for bellows. Using index card for stiffeners, it should work well. (famous last words) That assumes that my quick figuring on the back of an envelope jives with reality, either that or the bellows won't compress and nest all the way, either way, I will have a camera done well within my 20 hour self-alloted time frame, and my not self-alloted budget of $30.00 above and beyond what I had lying about.