Owens Valley
Mono Lake
October 25 - 29

While this is more
of a Gettogether the following
will be covered:
Image content
Analysis of Form
Creative use of exposure
High altitude photography
AZO = myth or fact?
Alternatives to AZO
Environmental portraiture

This above is the direct from Per's workshop page about one of his get togethers. You can access it by going directly to and going to his workshop page. He even admits it is nothing more than a get together. They are great if you want to do the get together thing and share with others. They are not about the teaching aspect.

Ole summed it up best! Considering I knew absolutely nothing about LF when I attended the Redwoods gathering, Anything was more than I had been taught at the college I went to where only two select MEN were allowed to learn about LF and others were discouraged from doing anything other than 35mm. We were given a fast little demon on previsualization for the darkroom with actual workprints we brought with us. From there he went on to tell us how to do it with PS and a computer. Yes this is something I had not seen before. was it a full lesson? No. It was a teaser, and from there I had to go learn how to really do it. I was asked by Per to write something good about his get together back then, hence the blurb.