"I was asked by Per to write something good about his get together back then, hence the blurb."

I appreciate it very much!
And I am glad you did learn something too!

Learning photography is a life long endeavor. Not something that can be understood in a week day or even months.
The technical aspects are easy. Anyone who wants to spend the time and money learning photography and purchasing the best equipment can create sharp images.

Paraphrasing Edward Weston (sorry for not having the correct word-for-word quote at hand):

"In photography is is stupefyingly easy to create an image; yet incredibly difficult to create an important photograph."

Before studying design, painting and photography at Art Center College in Los Angeles I was an apprentice in a small advertising agency for 3 years - in the old country. There I learned from others by observing and doing actual work. For me this was a very effective learning environment. In fact that is what I hope to do with the free workshops: create an environment that intersperses learning by doing - with short presentations of technical issues.

I can accept that some people like this way of learning and that others do not.

I do use Gettogether and Workshop at liberty because the free workshops contain both great learning experiences, great times and camaraderie.