In my early days of Photography I attended a lot of workshops, mostly in Santa FE. Paid for them all. Only one was a bust. The person treated it like a get together and we were all her freinds. She had little knowlege but was very social. What a waiste of time (and money) My definition of a "workshop" is to go meet like minds and learn from an experianced person who is beyond my ability to access thier experiance. If they have done the work to achieve a level of experiance and exposure then they should have the confidence in themselves to charge. And should be paid! Why would someone give away something so valuable? In 5 of the workshops I learned more than I had, in school and working as an assitant. These guys are the cream of the crop. Had to work my ass of as did they. Worth every nickel I spent! There are a lot of people out there that "learn as they teach". Some charge some don't. On two occasions that I attended I walked away. Dissapointed at waisting the time. Ironic that, having not spent a cent I felt ripped off. As others have said, like minds getting together and playing together is a great thing. But "It is what it is" a gathering. If you want to develop a teaching program that you can charge for maybe try guest lecturing for local schools. I've done this for the college here. Learned as much as the kids did. Not photography but about teaching and am far from qualified to sell my services as a teacher. But if I was I would expect to be paid.