Apologies if this is totally off topic (let me know if it is). I've been browsing this board on and off for the last two months or so as I'm a big fan of traditional darkroom work. Unfortunately, circumstances are such that I am unable to set up my own darkroom at the moment. This doesn't stop me from doing my own film development, but it does pose a significant problem when I want to get images printed. My solution is to simply scan the negative and print digitally.

But there are times when digital just doesn't make the grade, for example when I need a lith print from a medium format Maco IR820c infrared negative. For this, I need to resort to a commercial lab or someone that specialises in hand printing of black and white - and that's where I've come unstuck as I have yet to find someone in the UK or at home here in Ireland that can offer such a service. I have tried some of the services advertised in the back of Black and White Photography Magazine but have found them to be inconsistent in their approach, even when reprinting from the same negative some time after making the first print from it - the first time it was simply stunning but the second time it was fit for the bin.

I'm hoping that there might be others using this board in a similar predicament to mine that have come up with a solution - if you have, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. You can email me at tmerz(@)gmx.net (without the parentheses either side of the @!).