As the spouse of the person Per's playing his little childish games with here, I feel that I'm probably as qualified as any to weigh in.

#1, based on the last message I saw, LF does not equal photography in general. Aggie's had cameras as long as I've known her. And we just celebrated our 25th anniversary, so that's a bit longer than 2 1/2 years. Maybe LF photographers think they're the only true photographers, but that's as dumb an assumption as the C programmers I know who think they're the only true programmers.

#2, The whole 'workshop' vs. 'gathering' discussion is a canard. Call it whatever you want, as long as you're not charging for it. Nobody can complain if something free turns out to be something other than what they originally thought it was. How else can we explain all the 'free' vacation offers that are really attempts to force people to listen to obnoxious hardsell sales pitches.

#3, The nonsense about all the 'learning' that goes on during the free workshops. I had the chance to attend one, along with Aggie, in Shasta. While my negative feelings about camping out aside (Motel 6 is roughing it for me), I didn't see much learning going on. There was a lot of exposing people to new things, as that's about all you can do in the short increments of time (45 minutes to 90 minutes) used. From what I can see, the 'free' workshops cost me a lot, as once Aggie learns that something interesting is out there, she won't rest until she gets good information about it. So I've ended up paying for a lot of real workshops and seminars for her to get complete information on things she's been exposed to.

#4, The focus on Aggie. I'm rather curious as to why Aggie's being focused on here. She's not the only one who feels that using the word 'workshop' to describe Per's whatever-they-are's isn't correct. When you factor in the snide apology emails she's getting from Per today, along with the publicly condescending attitude he's displaying, the resulting picture isn't pretty. Sorry Per, but women can be photographers too. And they are even entitled to opinions as well. Maybe it wasn't like that in the 'old country', but it certainly is here. Welcome to the new millennium.