Agnes came to my free workshops. She asked questions. I answered them. And showed her a few technical details. She also came to a one day fee based darkroom workshop that one of my former participants had arranded for me in San Franciso. For that she paid $100. It was not a free workshop.
Agnes is interested in photography - no doubt about that. Time will tell if she puts enough time and effort into the medium and develops the sensitivity and the eye to actually produce worthwhile images.

I am interested in all constructive viewpoints, good and bad when it comes to bettering myself and my workshops. For some reasons - and I don't know why - it appears that Aggie is now talking to me or about me in the same fashion she spoke of Steve Anchell and others, who decided not to participate in producing Emulsion magazine. Is there a common thread here? (Not intended as a snide remark or childish game.)