I used to work for a photography studio as ( The guy in the darkroom) I loved the job and photography has always been an interest I just never had the time to persue it. Well recently I broke my hand and have been confined to to watching t.v. so what better time to start a hobby right . Well I purchused a Kodak Ektamatic B&W photo processor just to learn that if I ad an extra bath and change the chem's I might be able to get this Dinosaur to work properly.Since my only experiance is on commercial equip. I dont know where to go from here. Will my prehistoric creature Prevail? And what would be a good enlarger for me 35mm. ?
What goodies am I going to have to buy to make enlarger work properly?
The one i worked on had a digital timer, and adjustable color knobs,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow.
If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.