Ben Hopson who lately joined Barry, Steve, Doug, and I building 8x10 cameras with the Seattle Camera Builders, brought his portfolio to Barrys house today.

I had a bad day and screwed up a part. My son Andrew had a good day and finished his focus frame and one of the metal parts. I was pissed of course. I'm supposed to be the one who does stuff right.

Then Ben brought in his portfolio... To say that viewing it was a religious experience was an understatement. He is by far the best northwestern photographer I've ever seen. His prints, both b&w and color left me breathless. I swear my heart stopped a few times when he pulled out gorgeous print after print.

Anyone here in the Seattle Tacoma area who have a chance, PM him and arrange to meet him to see them. You'll be amazed and blessed.

Gosh Ben, I hope I'm not embarassing you.