You should ask yourself a couple of questions. What is th largest size negative that you could reasonably expect to use in the future. If it is indeed 35mm then you can find lots of enlargers on ebay. If you want to, or plan to go to a larger negative then these can also be found used. If you used a color head previously you may want to stay with that, since you know how it works.

The last question is how much time will you commit to this hobby and is it worth it to try to get high end equipment, color heads, digital timers, good darkroom lights and ventilation etc.

Since the world is going digital, there are tons of incredible buys on used equipment on ebay and other places where you can find everything for perhaps 40-60 percent of what it costs new.

Everyone has a favorite enlarger and you will get lots of ideas from them but I suggest that you plan for the future and not just buy what you think you want today. In the long run it will be cheaper.