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OK, folks, let's get those prints mailed out...the time has arrived!
LOL! Here I am harping about deadbeats and I haven't sent mine out yet! I have them now mounted, boxed and ready to send.

I have recieved great prints from:

Dianna: The irony of Dianna taking a pic with a Holga! LOL

PhotoPete: The mood of the pic is fantastic. I like the blurry background. The fact he is a 'ghost' image as well adds to the image significantly.

Ksiti: Certainly is an interesting pic. A problem with your Holga - like light leaks, fuzzy lens, out of focus inconsistency, winding inconsistency, etc...? If it's any or all of these, it's working fine!

Alan: Nice pic of the boy with the bubbles.

Thanks, Art.