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Hello all,

I am soon planning on mixing my own Palladium Sol. 3. Since it would be an expensive lesson if I mess it up, please help me with these questions:-

1. Where can I get the best price for Palladium Chloride?
2. Since 50ml sol. 3 is a relatively small amount to mix, is there a cause for concern on the accurate measurements of the chemicals & water?
3. Does the Palladium Chloride I buy come in a little brown dropper bottle?
4. Can I use common table salt for sodium chloride?
5. Is the water temperature critical during mixing and does the mixtures dissolve easily?

Once again, thanks for the help.
1. You have gotten several answer there that are good, but I have always been able to order from Engelhard without having to order 25 or 50 g. Their order criteria is based on dollars spent. If you are ordering platinum or gold as well, there would be no need to bulk buy.

2. If you buy from Engelhard the weight they send will be accurate, so the only unknown would be your salt. Unless you really mess up the ratio of 5 grams of salt (that is NaCl) to 3.5 g PdCl2, you should experience no problems. Too little salt and your Palladium will not be able to go into solution, Too much and you can see it crystallize as solid particles and you will experience a speed change. I have seen it mixed with almost twice the slat required and make fine prints.

3) If you buy from Engelhard it will come in frosted plastic bottles, sealed with tape and a wax seal. Brown bottles can be purcahsed from Pharmacies, and Health Food stores in the health and beauty area; with or without droppers.

4) Common table salt will work fine, but how expensive is good clean NaCl from Artcraft really? If you are buying anything else from Mike pick some up, if not DON'T sweat it.

5) to mix it, start by adding your salt to warm water and dissolve it first. Then add you PdCl2 to it. Salt will easily dissolve in water but PdCl2 will not, add it to you salt solution. Warm is good , hot is not really needed since you use it far below saturation. It should sit over night to reach full equilibrium

PD #3 implies a B&S nomenclature,and a specific weight to volume.

Have fun.