I just got rid of 2 Omega B22s; one was my excellent pretty darkroom standard. Just last November, a friend gave me an old D2 that had been collecting dust in her basement. Before that it had been collecting dust for 40 years in the village newspaper darkroom, albeit being used. They gave it to her when they went digital, but she'd switched at the same time. She kept it for 2 years out of guilt, I think, then offered it to me. I've completely refurbished it and equipped it with some better lenses. It's given me an excuse to find myself an old Speed Graphic 4x5.

I also have an old Elwood Patterns enlarger. It's about the same size as a B22, equiped with a 6x6 negative carrier. Anybody want it? Free to you if you pay the mailing. It should cost around $35 CDN to mail; I'd have to check to be sure.