Had an experience this morning I wanted to share. Now, first you have to understand Texans love to talk about the weather, so please bear with me. A Texas Blue Norther seems to be blowing in (from our friends up in Canada) this morning, the sky was dark (around zone III), but I could see some Cottonwood trees, with the lighter bark, picking up just a little sunlight. What a great image - did I get a shot, NO! The image was gone in less than 5 minutes. The sky turned a muddy gray, the light left the trees..I realized that if I had grabbed a camera, jumped in the car so I could get a better composition, that I would have missed the best part of the whole scene.

How often do we chase the light, only to miss the best part? For me, it was better to just watch the scene unfold and not capture it. With any luck, it will teach me to be prepared next time - will the light be the same? No way, it may be blaugh (is that really a word) or it may be the 'Best' light ever.

So, I was wondering - does everyone else chase the light at times like these or do most of you just kick back and enjoy and hope that Next time...?

Thanks for the input....