Knowing that a good deal of APUGgers from the NE US and Ontario and the Maritimes come to Quebec City for vacations I would just like to alert you to a really cool place in Quebec City.

At the corner of the Chemin Ste-Foy and Rue de l'Eglise in Ste-Foy (15 mins from the Old City) there are the remains of a church which was gutted in 1975. The church, including the roof, was left with only the four exterior walls standing. Nobody was certain what to do with it for the longest time, but a decade or so ago, the municipality decided to put in place a steel skeleton and open it up as a monument. It is a really cool site; there is a juxtaposition between the steel structure and the stone walls, and one can even climb up to the belfry.

Anyhoo, if anyone ever comes to Quebec City, it's a relatively unknown spot with a hockey sock full of photographic possibilities.