watching light is a full time occupation. Even the light at night has it's wonders. I've had two occasions where I've missed the shot of a lifetime (probably not, But it was a really big fish) once both my wife and I saw it I stood there with 2 cameras around my neck and watched the scene happen and forgot to shoot! We still laugh about it and I've never seen it a again. The second The model and I had spent 2 hours setting up at the beach a styrofoam clock I had built creating the illusion of a clock hovering over the tide within which the model was to pose. We were set as I was reviewing the last polaroid a caravan of marines in humvee's came from behind me and drove right through the set crushing my roman numerals and hanging out of their vehicles waving at the model. I was standing there mad as hell, The left side of the set was floating destroyed at the edge of the tide. The model jumped up saying "did you get it those guys hanging out of the trucks waving? I stayed in my pose, What a great shot!" I was so mad I didn't see a shot that will never happen again.